Chicken Soy Aubergine Bowl

I fancied something really easy and tasty for my lunch today so I made this gorgeous Chicken Soy Bowl. It was so easy, yet healthy and tasty! If you fancy trying it out all you need is

1 cup of Soy beans

1 chicken breast (chopped)

1/4 red onion

1 garlic clove

1 cup Sliced aubergine

1 medium mushroom (finely chopped)

1 tablespoon of reduced salt soy sauce

little bit of water to prevent from drying out


Fry the garlic, onion, mushroom, aubergine in a tablespoon of Cold pressed rapeseed oil

Cover to allow the aubergine to soften

Add the chopped chicken and mix in the soy sauce

cover and let cook for 15 minutes on medium to high heat (checking every 3-4 mins)



Top 5 food destinations based on the countries I’ve travelled to

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I want to start by saying that this piece is strictly from my own personal experience. You may have visited some of these countries and liked them more or less than me or you may be from one of them, whichever it is do not get offended.

Number one on my list is….

  1. Persian:I’m not being biased I swear.I grew up eating this food but even if I didn’t I’d still say it was the top of my list because it’s simply amazing! From saffron to pomegranate to rose water and pistachios, everything about the ingredients in these dishes is luxurious. Recommendations: My favourite is Khoresht Bademjan, but I’d also recommend Kebab Koobideh with traditional bread for first timers.
    f Kebab Koobideh Photography by: Mehrnaz Karimi
  2. Greek: My experience of Greek food was exquisite. The dishes are very similar to Persian food, which is probably why it’s up there for…

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Homemade Fig Jam

I always wanted to make my own jam and I love figs so thought I’d start with homemade fig jam! Most jam recipes will contain lots of refined sugars so aren’t actually good for you, so I wanted to make mine without any refined sugar and as healthy as possible

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First I bought about 5 Figs

I cut the Figs up into quarters

Mashed the figs up

Poured into a pan then added 1 tablespoon of pure honey

Then simmered with the lid on for about 20 minutes on a low-medium heat


I had mine with a freshly made crepe and greek yoghurt it tasted amazing! It also goes great with nut butter on toast and banana bread 🙂

Healthy Homemade Granola

Granola is an absolute must for me to have before work, its the only breakfast that keeps me full and satisfied until lunch time and on top of that its so easy to make your own!!

All you need is…

3 Tablespoons Maple Syrup or Honey

400g of jumbo oats

1 and a half teaspoons of Cinnamon

80g of Oat Bran

80g of Sultanas

125g of sunflower seeds

100g of pumpkin seeds

3 tablespoons of Coconut oil

And all you have to do is…

  1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees
  2. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and ensure no lumps from the coconut oil
  3. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and spread
  4. Bake for 15-20 minutes (Check and stir every 10 minutes to ensure consistency and avoid burning)
  5. Store in an airtight container and use within a month!

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Treating myself: Persian Food

On Saturday I went for dinner with friends to a traditional Persian restaurant in North London and it tasted absolutely divine!! All freshly homemade and reminded me of the traditional Persian food I grew up eating!

Although it’s not the healthiest, you have to treat yourself and when you do, do it right!

In the pics you can see Saffron infused kebabs, with Saffron rice and barberries (Zereshk polo) with a Lamb stew cooked with herbs and lime (Ghormeh Sabzi).

Below is a classic Persian treat called tahdig which is crispy rice, usually retrieved from the bottom of a rice pan and served with Gheymeh bademjan (lamb aubergine and yellow split pea tomatoes and saffron stew)

If you’re around North London, visit Behesht in Kensal Green for some home cooked traditional persian food!

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Delicious Healthy Oat Bars

This recipe was kindly given to me to make and I was too grateful I had to share it! Sometimes healthy oat bars can be tricky to make tasty but these are absolute perfection. I have mine with my homemade Vanilla Cashew Butter on top for my breakfasts and they keep my very satisfied until lunch.

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All you need is:

5 OZ oat

3oz wholemeal flour

5 oz wheatgerm

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon salt

100- 125 ml of honey or maple syrup

Homemade apple sauce (4 apples chopped and corked and 1/2 tablespoon honey)

1/4 cup olive oil or coconut oil (2 tablespoons)

3oz of cherries or cranberries (dried)

4oz walnut and almonds (mix) chopped or grinder

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To make the apple sauce, chop apples and cork them. Add to a pan and lightly simmer for about 15 -20 minutes and add honey to taste, then use a blender to mesh together

Combine all ingredients

Line a tray and spread out and cook in oven for 180 degrees for 35 mins

Cool for 10 mins cut into bars and cool down completely before storage


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Italian Bruschetta in Amalfi

Recently I visited Amalfi in Italy. I always love going to local supermarkets when I visit new places, particularly when the cuisine is Mediterranean. We went to a local store in Amalfi town and purchased some freshly baked bread and toasted it in the oven. Then we got some fresh pesto, cows mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes and of course a side of olives. Of course, when in Italy, have an Aperol Spritz when possible, so these two homemade spritz’s went alongside our starter…. bliss