I fancied experimenting with my breakfasts a bit this week and wanted to use my new Magimix in the process too! I wanted to use whatever healthy ingredients I had in my fridge and cupboard, which happened to be Fresh strawberries, pistachios, oats and almond milk! This was so delicious and simple to make as well as packed with health benefits.. I had mine warm, but you can also serve cold 🙂

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80g Jumbo oats

125 ml unsweetened almond milk

15-20 pistachio kernels

3 fresh strawberries (chopped)


  1. Pour all ingredients into a food processor and pulse until its at the desired consistency
  2. Pour into a container and store overnight to let the flavours infuse into the oats
  3. Serve cold or warm 🙂 whatever you fancy! and if you fancy it a bit sweeter, top with honey or maple syrup and/or fresh fruit

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