6 Orange carrots

6 Purple carrots (for serving)

1 tin of Chickpeas

3 tablespoons of Olive oil

Pinch of Salt

3 tablespoons of Tahini

1 teaspoon of Cumin powder

2 cloves of garlic (crush)



  1. Chop the orange carrots up into small chunks and season in olive oil
  2. Roast the orange carrots for 20 minutes until slightly soft
  3. Blend the orange carrots together to make a paste
  4. Pour the carrot mixture into a bowl and set aside
  5. Drain the Chickpeas and wash
  6. Add all ingredients into the blender until except from the orange carrot mixture
  7. Then add the carrot paste and blend again
  8. Add more olive oil if needed
  9. When all ingredients are blended well serve and drizzle with olive oil
  10. Wash purple carrots and serve
  11. This also goes well with crisp pitta bread

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