Not too long ago I began reading about the natural low calorie alternative to ice cream.. ‘they’ call it nice cream! It tastes absolutely incredible and can be a guilt free alternative to that delicious tub of Ben & Jerry’s!

The main ingredient is frozen bananas, if you can make sure they are ripe then even better!

The quantity is really up to you, if you want to make a big batch and put it in a tub to freeze to finish off another time then you just freeze more bananas!


4 frozen bananas

1 teaspoon of cocoa powder


  1. Before you freeze the bananas, make sure you peel them and chop them into quarters  Allow 24 hours minimum for the bananas to freeze
  2. Remove from freezer, put into a blender and blend until thick and creamy
  3. Add the cocoa powder
  4. Serve. I chose to add pomegranate seeds because they are amazing and very good for you but feel free to add anything you fancy!

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